Ruthie Byers


I am CTO of International Remittances at Wave. I’m excited by the power software, and I want to bring that power to people who are currently less well served by it. I’m also interested in how people learn computer science, and tools that help build conceptual understanding as well as the ability to make things.

I graduated from MIT in 2013 with a bachelors degree in Computer Science and a minor in Math. While there I helped organize Splash, and as an alum I have volunteered for Learning Unlimited to help spread Splash beyond MIT.

I love folk music and dance. I contra dance, waltz, and dabble in other dance styles. I play fiddle in a contra dance band called Switching Protocols (you can email us at I also play Swedish folk music on fiddle and nyckelharpa.


You can contact me at No job recruiting emails please.


Photos in the top bar of this site were taken by Alina Larson, Doug Plummer, Ben Kuhn, and Byron Wiley.

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